Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016 References

More information about Designing and Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2016.

The Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator:

Public folder limits in Exchange 2016 :

The Exchange 2016 Preferred Architecture:

Jetstress Field Guide, located in the TechNet Gallery:

Passive mailbox database that is mounted in recovery for log replication and replay:

Microsoft Azure VM as an Exchange 2016 DAG witness server on TechNet:

DAC Mode on TechNet:

Exchange 2016 Database Availability Groups is available on TechNet:

Microsoft’s recommendations for setting exclusions for antivirus programs running on Exchange servers:

RedistributeActiveDatabases.ps1 script provided with Exchange 2016:

Microsoft publishes a detailed list of performance counters and their expected thresholds for good performance to monitor for Exchange:

Microsoft has published extensive guidance on TechNet describing how to use ESEUtil in various modes for recovery purposes:

More information about mailbox restore requests on TechNet at:

Planning for namespaces:

Digital certificates and encryption work in Exchange Server 2016 on TechNet at:

All of the primary Office applications have been updated, and a deployment guide for each version can be found on TechNet:

Load balancing in Exchange Server 2016 on TechNet:

The tools available in the Remote Connectivity Analyzer are available:

A full list of recommended folders to exclude from antivirus scanning:

Enabling, disabling, adding, or removing connection filtering with Exchange 2016:

Configuring recipient filters with PowerShell:

The Sender Policy Framework is based on RFC 7208:

For more information on how to perform a switchover:

For more information on throttling:

For more information on the New-ThrottlingPolicy cmdlet:

For more information on the Set-Mailbox cmdlet:

For more information on creating and configuring distribution groups:

For more information on the Add-PublicFolderClientPermission cmdlet:

For more information about the Set-CalendarProcessing cmdlet:

For more information about permissions and RBAC:

For more information on BitLocker:

For more on Office 365:

For more on DLP in Exchange 2016:

Supported file types for DLP fingerprinting:

The steps for Outlook 2013 are provided on the Microsoft Support site:

Check the service descriptions published on TechNet:

Detailed syntax reference for KQL on MSDN:

Microsoft MVP Jeff Guillet’s blog:

MailTips on TechNet:

Classifications are described on TechNet:

The full list of conditions on TechNet:

The full list of actions on TechNet:

For more details about the additional IRM permissions configuration:

A full list of parameters that can be used to refine Search-AdminAuditLog searches:

Security of the password hash synchronization process in Microsoft’s Azure documentation:

Microsoft’s guidance for using domain name-based filtering instead of IP address-based filtering:

Multi-forest scenarios:

Step by step process for configuring OAuth in a Hybrid configuration:

Microsoft’s Remove Connectivity Analyzer:

More information about SPF records:

Full list of URLs and IP address ranges required for Office 365 services:

Full configuration procedure:

More information about message tracking log searches:

The full list of public folder limits:

The full process for performing a batch migration of legacy public folders to Exchange 2013:

A full list of discontinued features from Exchange 2010 and Exchange 2013 and suggestions for their replacements:

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