Question: What does wounder mean?

The definition of wounder in the dictionary is the person who has injured someone.

What does GITH mean in text?

GITHGirls In The House Miscellaneous » UnclassifiedRate it:GITHGlobal Institute Of Tourism And Hospitality Governmental » Institutes -- and more...Rate it:

What is the meaning of Grith?

: peace, security, or sanctuary imposed or guaranteed in early medieval England under various special conditions.

What is GIDH English?

/giddha/ mn. vulture countable noun. A vulture is a large bird which lives in hot countries and eats the flesh of dead animals.

What is a deep thought?

Definitions of deep in thought. adjective. deeply absorbed in thought. synonyms: bemused, lost, preoccupied thoughtful. exhibiting or characterized by careful thought.

Whats another word for wander off?

What is another word for wander off?wander awaystrayget separatedgo off coursebe lostgo amisswanderbecome disorientedtake a wrong turnlose4 more rows

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