Question: Is Dark weak to Ghost?

Which is better dark or Ghost type?

Dark. Dark-type Pokémon are the best choice against Ghost enemies as they boast resistance to the type and are super effective with their attacks.

Does Ghost hit Dark?

Since Steel-type Pokémon no longer resist Ghost-type attacks in Generation VI, Ghost is tied with Dragon for the least resisted type, being resisted by Dark and ineffective against Normal.

Who is the best Ghost-type Pokémon?

10 Best Ghost Types In Pokemon GO8 Drifblim. 7 (Shadow) Dusknoir. 6 Golurk. 5 (Shadow) Mismagius. 4 (Shadow) Banette. 3 Chandelure. 2 (Mega) Gengar. 1 Giratina (Origin) Pound for pound, the Origin form of this monster from Sinnoh towers over all other Ghost-types in Pokemon GO. •Jul 29, 2021

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