Question: Can you turn a normal door into a fire door?

Installing fire doors or upgrading your current doors can help to reduce the risk in the event of a fire. Most modern, normal internal doors cannot be upgraded to achieve 30 or 60 minutes Fire Resistance due to them having a hollow core, being very thin or lightweight and liable to warping shortly after installation.

Can you fireproof existing doors?

Existing doors whether coated or not can be upgraded to 30 minutes fire resistance (FD30). We can provide you with a certificate of supply signed by the applicator which Building Control will accept as proof that the upgraded door will meet the required fire resistance tested to BS 476 Part 22.

Can a wooden door be a fire door?

Wood burns, right? Well, yes, but theres a lot more to it than that. Most fire doors have a solid-core construction which can include particleboard, flaxboard chipboard, and solid timber. On top of that, theyre also fitted with whats called intumescent strips.

Can old doors be fire doors?

In England and Wales Approved Document B of the building regulations covers fire safety and refers to fire doors having evidence of performance to BS476-22 and BS EN 1634-1. No amount of work or effort will turn an existing door frame into a certificated one.

Which doors should be fire doors?

Any new build or home renovation that has three or more floors must have fire doors fitted to every habitable room that leads from a stairwell. This applies to loft conversions where an extra floor has been added to a two-storey home. Any door leading from your home into an integral garage must be a fire door.

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