Question: Is it bad if you have a big heart?

The risk of complications from an enlarged heart depends on the part of the heart that is enlarged and the cause. Complications of an enlarged heart can include: Heart failure. An enlarged left ventricle, one of the most serious types of enlarged heart, increases the risk of heart failure.The risk of complications from an enlarged heart

How do you know you have a good heart?

The ability to quickly rebound to your normal heart rate after intensive exercise is another sign you have a healthy heart. You can test yourself by taking your heart rate immediately after exercising and again after resting for one minute. Ideally, your rate should have dropped by 20 beats or more.

What do you call someone who has a big heart?

altruistic, benevolent, compassionate, generous, giving, gracious, noble.

Can losing weight help an enlarged heart?

Losing even a little weight can greatly improve heart and vascular health, boost heart function, lower blood pressure and improve metabolism.

What are the signs of a weak heart?

Signs of a Weakened Heart MuscleShortness of breath (also known as dyspnea), particularly when you lie down or exert yourself.Chest pain, especially a heavy sensation in your chest indicative of heart failure caused by a heart attack.Fatigue.Swelling of the legs, ankles, and feet (also known as edema) •Jun 1, 2021

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