Question: Is Shinji Hirako weak?

Its not that Shinji is weak per say. Its just that his bankai is indiscriminate towards allies and enemies so he cant use it when people are around.

Is Shinji Hirako a hollow?

Immense Spiritual Power: As a captain, he has an enormous amount of spiritual pressure. Being a Visored, Shinji possesses a dual-type spiritual energy, part Shinigami and part Hollow. His spiritual pressure is said to be monstrous.

Is Shinji still a captain?

Shinji Hirako (平子 真子, Hirako Shinji), is a male Shinigami, and the current Captain of the Fifth Division. Before his return to the Soul Society after being forced into hiding in the World of the Living, he served as the leader of the Visored and was their primary recruiter. His current Lieutenant is Momo Hinamori.

Why didnt Shinji use his Bankai?

As it turns out, Shinjis Bankai has been banned from being used. Much like the Seventh Kenpachi, the 5th Division captain has been barred from using his Bankai because it isnt safe to use around comrades. Unlike his Shikai, Shinjis Bankai is said to be uncontrollable in terms of who is affected by the technique.

Who is the most powerful in black clover?

Black Clover: The 15 Most Powerful Characters9 Noelle Silvas Power Is Immense.10 Patolli Has An Infinite Reserve Of Mana. 11 Zenon Zogratis Can Manifest Dual Mana. 12 Vanicas Powers Come From Possession. 13 Lolopechka Has Overwhelming Magic. 14 Yuno Takes His Cues From Asta. 15 Asta Is The Most Powerful Of Them All. •Jun 18, 2021

Who has the strongest bankai in bleach?

1. Zanka no Tachi. Captain-Commander of the Gotei 13 and the strongest Shinigami, Yamamotos Bankai condenses all the flames previously released with his Shikai into his sword.

Is Ichigo stronger than Shinji?

Ichigo is a natural soul reaper who gained extra strong hollow powers from the hogyoku, he isnt at his strongest now BUT he most likely has the potential to be on par or stronger than Shinji. Its his choice whether to pursue that power with hard training instead of battle after battle. so right now Shinji is stronger.

Can the Visored use Bankai?

Kaido King of the Beasts wrote: Well since Kensei and Rose were the only Visored to use Bankai, and since they both only used it briefly, I dont think theres enough evidence to make any correlation between the two. But even before. We seen them using shikai and their masks, but never bankai and their masks.

Is zangetsu a Yhwach?

The Thousand-Year Blood War arc As Ichigos inner world begins to crumble, Ichigo asks if he is Yhwach, prompting Zangetsu to state he is the manifestation of the Quincy powers within Ichigo, and he both is and is not Yhwach.

Who killed Sosuke Aizen?

He formerly served as the lieutenant of the 5th Division under Shinji Hirako. After waging war against Soul Society with an army of Arrancar, Aizen was defeated by Ichigo Kurosaki and sealed away by Kisuke Urahara, and then imprisoned for his crimes.

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