Question: What is Candys dream?

In Of Mice and Men, Candys dream is to join George and Lennie in buying a farm and the three of them living together and supporting themselves.

What is Candys dream and why is it important?

George and Lennie s dream was of tremendous importance to Candy because it represented his last hope. He felt himself getting older and weaker every day, and he was unemployable anywhere else because he had only one hand. He said he would eventually have to go on the county, which...

How is Candys dream shattered?

Candy has a similar dream and he wants to latch onto George and Lennies as he thinks that it may just be possible. The dream is shattered by Lennies inability to stay out of trouble as we feel that George could make this happen, especially with Candys money.

What is Candys dream in Chapter 3?

When Candy hears about George and Lennies dream farm, Candy wants to be part of this dream and offers to put up his money for the purchase. George agrees and believes that with the extra money they might be able to buy the farm. So, in Chapter 3, we see a number of relationships.

What was Crooks and Candys dream?

Although he initially tells Lennie to stay away, Crooks invites him in because of his “disarming smile.” When Lennie tells him about his, George, and Candys dream to have their own land, Crooks tells Lennie about his childhood when he was treated better by whites because his father had land.

What does candy symbolize?

Candy represents what happens to everyone who gets old in American society: They are let go, canned, thrown out, used up. Candys greatest fear is that once he is no longer able to help with the cleaning he will be disposed of. Like his old dog, he has lived beyond his usefulness.

What is Candys disability?

The character of Candy serves a very important function. Candy is disadvantaged physically in that he lost a hand in a machinery accident some years before. Since he is unable to do the work of the other ranch-hands, he has been given the job of keeping the bunkhouse clean.

What type of person is candy?

old ranchworker Candy is an old ranchworker who has lost a hand in a work accident and now works as a swamper , or cleaner, on the ranch. He feels that as he is ageing he is useless and does not have any value as a person. This is reflected in the way that his dog is shot by Carlson.

Is Candys dog a boy or girl?

Candys dog does not have a name. This is significant for two reasons. First, he is thought of as a possession and he is not thought of as important enough to have a name. Secondly, the dog can be compared to Curleys wife, who does not have a name, either....

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