Question: Is SAYU a tanuki?

Sayu is not a tanuki, but Sayu. Her outfit is also not that of a tanukis, but a mini mujina.

What creature is SAYU?

Anemo Sayu (Japanese: 早 さ 柚 ゆ Sayu) is a playable Anemo character in Genshin Impact. A ninja from the Shuumatsuban that is struggling with growing tall. Sayu believes that sleeping can help her growth, which is why she prefers to use her ninja techniques to hide and laze around.

Is SAYU a claymore?

Shes a four-star Claymore wielder – yes, she somehow swings a giant Claymore around – and she uses the Anemo element. She is adept at both healing and dealing damage, making her a versatile team member. When building her, its best to focus on her support skills to make the most of her powerful heals.

Which claymore is best for SAYU?

Katsuragikiri Nagamasa is a new forgeable claymore in Inazuma. This weapon is F2P friendly and is the best option for Sayu. With an Energy Recharge substat and a passive that further regen energy, Katsuragikiri Nagamasa will greatly help Sayu to use her Elemental Burst often.

What set is best for SAYU?

For healer build, Maiden Beloved is naturally the best artifact set for Sayu. There are also other alternatives players can use if they are unable to obtain 4 sets of Maiden Beloved. Because Sayus healing is divided between attack and Elemental Mastery, this creates two different options for her artifacts main stat.

How good is SAYU healing?

Her Burst at lv 8 heals for 127,8% + 938. This means she would heal any character for 2343 HP, with no set bonus or heal % headpiece involved. While this amount is not very impressive, lets not forget that she also heals when creating Swirls. This is the definitive factor for Sayu being a good healer.

What does SAYU C1 do?

For her Elemental Burst, Sayu summons a Daruma that can heal the team or attack the enemy. Initially, this Elemental Burst is restricted by the teams HP. However, after obtaining her C1, this restriction is nullified. Sayus Elemental Bursts healing scales with her attack and will only heal the active character.

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