Question: Where is Ryo Saeba from?

Born in a war torn country somewhere in Central America, Ryo eventually moves to Tokyo, where he creates a squad of sweepers (private detectives) that solve crimes across the country.

What anime is Ryo Saeba?

the City Hunter series Ryo Saeba (冴羽獠, Saeba Ryo) is a sweeper/mercenary and the titular character and main protagonist of the City Hunter series.

Is Ryo an angel?

Ryo Asuka (飛鳥 了, Asuka Ryō/Ryou) is a character from Devilman and a good friend to Akira Fudo. Demon King Satan) is an Angel that rebelled with the Demons against God in the ancient past. He created the false persona, Ryo Asuka, and tricked Amon into Akiras body for their own desires.

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