Question: What episode does light remember he is Kira?

Decision (決断, Ketsudan) is the sixteenth episode of the Death Note anime.

What episode does Kira get his memory back?

Revival (復活, Fukkatsu) is the twenty-fourth and penultimate episode in the Death Note anime series First Season.

When did light get his memory back?

Light Yagami gets back his memory when he touches the death note.

What episode does light reveal that he is Kira?

Encounter (接触, Sesshoku) is the ninth episode of the Death Note anime series.

Does light go back to being Kira?

In the anime, Light reflects on his actions before his death. Once his memories return, however, he reverts back to his ruthless Kira persona and remains that way until his death.

Does light have feelings for L?

And in various other pages, you see Light thinking about killing L - hardly a thing a friend would do. So, no, Light (at least with the memories of being Kira) doesnt consider L truly a friend, its just part of his acting.

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