Question: Is Google Photos closing?

Google Photos will no longer allow unlimited photo storage at high-quality from June 1, 2021. Google Photos is ending its very enticing free unlimited storage benefit and will start charging for the storage space your photos and videos take over the 15GB quota.

What will replace Google Photos?

A big bonus is that you can use the Amazon Photos app on your Android or iOS to automatically back up your camera roll in much the same way as the Google Photos app. It goes a step further by allowing you to connect your PC or Mac, too, making it even easier to back things up to the cloud.

What is wrong with Google Photos?

According to a report by Android Police, images created in Samsungs Motion Photos format are no-longer saving correctly on Google Photos, causing data to be lost. Motion Photos enhance regular still shots by adding a short video clip, and sometimes audio, each time the shutter is clicked.

Should I ditch Google Photos?

Because any high quality shots uploaded to Google Photos prior to 1 June 2021 wont count towards your account total, most users will take a while to max out on even the most affordable 100GB subscription plan. So if Google Photos is currently your platform of choice for image backups, we think you shouldnt quit.

How do I unfreeze my Google Photos?

Restart your phone or PC. Turn off the phone or computer in the normal steps, and then turn it back on, or you can force a restart. You can turn off your phone or computer by pressing or holding the power button to turn off the power, and then turn it back on again, and then try to launch Google Photos again.

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