Question: Which was the real motive behind the Greater East Asia Co Prosperity Sphere?

Which was the real motive behind the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere? d. japan wanted the regions natural resources for its war against China. The military in the 1930s in Japan used this theme to erode support for the civilian government and increase support for them.

When did Japan announce East Asia Co Prosperity Sphere?

1940 The 1936 Japanese document Fundamental Principles of National Policy laid the foundation of the New Order of East Asia in 1938 and the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere in 1940 by outlining a proposed relationship between Japan, Manchukuo, and China and its proposed expansion into Southeast Asia.

What was the Neutrality Act quizlet?

The Neutrality Acts of 1935 and 1936 barred Americans from lending money to warring nations or selling them arms. The laws did not differentiate between aggressive nations and the countries they invaded, enforcing complete neutrality. In 1937, Congress passed a second Neutrality Act.

What was the Neutrality Act of 1939 quizlet?

Neutrality Act of 1939: Congress passed this, which allowed European democracies to buy American war materials but only on a cash-and-carry basis. America would thus avoid loans, torpedoes, and war-debts.

What was the primary difference between the Neutrality Act of 1937 and 1939?

Originally designed to avoid American involvement in World War II by preventing loans to those countries taking part in the conflict; they were later modified in 1939 to allow aid to Great Britain and other Allied nations. You just studied 9 terms!

What caused the Neutrality Act of 1939?

Following Germanys occupation of Czechoslovakia in March of 1939, Roosevelt suffered a humiliating defeat when Congress rebuffed his attempt to renew “cash-and-carry” and expand it to include arms sales. After a fierce debate in Congress, in November of 1939, a final Neutrality Act passed.

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