Question: Is there a pixel 5a?

The Pixel 5a costs US$449 - which falls neatly between the Pixel 4a price of $349 and the 4a 5Gs $499 price tag. The phone is available to pre-order now from the online Google store if youre in the US or Japan. It ships unlocked, and will apparently work on all major carrier networks.

Where is the pixel 5a?

Google has said that the Pixel 5a 5G will be available later this year in the US and Japan and announced in line with when last years a-series phone was introduced. That suggests August 2020, which Bloombergs Mark Gurman has claimed will be the case, with availability starting the same month.

Is Pixel 5A a good phone?

Google has absolutely nailed what should and should not go into a basic smartphone, and the result is a great phone at a great price. The Pixel 5a has a huge battery that will last all day. Its water-resistant so you dont have to worry about getting it wet.

Does pixel 5a have active edge?

Active Edge, the feature that had allowed you to squeeze your phone to launch Assistant, isnt present on the Pixel 5.

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