Question: Are all bonito flakes the same?

Some say the thinnest bonito flakes are best as garnish while the thicker shavings, especially the kind with dark meat, are more suited for making soup. At home, we use them all interchangeably.

What dried bonito flakes?

And if you are wondering what are dried bonito flakes, they are just dried, smoked, and fermented fish fillets. Now, you may be asking yourself: What exactly do I do with this ingredient? Katsuobushi is used as a flavorful addition in multiple Japanese dishes, including as a zesty rice topping.

What can I use if I dont have bonito flakes?

What can I substitute for bonito flakes? To get the bonito flavor you can substitute them with some shellfish, preferably shrimp or prawns. A vegan option could be to use Shiitake mushrooms to add umami to your dish.

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