Question: When should kanji be used?

In Japanese, there are no spaces between words, so kanji helps break words apart, making it easy to read. As Im sure you can imagine, long sentences would get even more difficult to read, and when you dont know where one word begins and another one ends, reading errors can occur.

How do you know when to use hiragana or kanji?

Because hiragana gets used for grammatical particles and modifiers. Remember, each kanji represents a concept. So when writing a verb, you use a kanji for the base concept, then hiragana to alter the pronunciation and add more meaning, such as the tense.

Does WaniKani have all Joyo Kanji?

When you finish WaniKani, youll have learned over 2,000 kanji and over 6,000 Japanese vocabulary words. The kanji you learn includes most of the Joyo kanji, but not all of them. Youll learn the most common meanings and readings of each kanji and vocabulary word.

How many kanji does WaniKani?

WaniKanis claim and purpose in their own words: 2,000 kanji. 6,000 vocabulary words. In just over a year.

How does WaniKani teach kanji?

Every radical, kanji, and vocabulary word you learn on WaniKani comes paired with a hand-crafted mnemonic written by one of our loving staff. Then, youll use the radicals to make a story to learn a kanjis meaning and reading. Finally, youll use your new-found kanji knowledge to learn vocabulary words.

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