Question: Why is Thursday mad at Morse?

At home, Thursday gets unduly upset when his wife Win questions his sudden decision to buy two canaries. Hes struggling with witnessing so much cruelty in his police work. His dying, cancer-stricken wife has taken to faith-healing: having men pray over her to help cure her.

Why does Morse and Thursday have tension?

The seeds of a conflict between the erstwhile mentor and his brilliant young student had already sprouted in series seven, which saw Morse and Thursday at loggerheads investigating the case of the Towpath Killer. Morse criticised and undermined Thursdays police work, and Thursday angrily reminded the erudite youngster ...

What happened to Inspector Thursday in Morse?

Series 6 (2019) Thursday has been demoted to Detective Inspector and now works at Castle Gate Police Station, where he is joined by Morse and Strange.

What happened between Thursday and his wife on endeavor?

In the third episode, it is revealed that shortly after he was married, during the Italian Campaign of WWII, Thursday had a love affair with a young Italian girl who he thought was murdered by the Nazis.

What did Thursday cough up in Endeavour?

Thursday is not ill anymore. After watching Thursday cough up the part of the bullet that was in side of him, we know that he is going to be ok. Finally he wont be grumpy from his illness.

Will there be series 8 of Endeavour?

Season 8 of Endeavour begins on ITV at 8pm on Sunday, September 12. Immediately after transmission, each film will become available on the ITV Hub and on BritBox UK.

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