Question: What is the cut off of COEP?

What is the cutoff for COEP 2019?

COEP Pune Cutoff 2019RoundBranchCutoff Rank1Civil Engineering158581Computer Engineering51871Electrical Engineering135911Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering147065 more rows

What is COEP college cutoff?

COEP Pune Cutoff 2020RoundBranchCutoff Rank1Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering37571Instrumentation and Control Engineering88341Manufacturing Science and Engineering134211Mechanical Engineering60315 more rows

How much percentile is required for COEP?

Its a link where you can check the cut off of different college. But still I should say you need to have 97 percentile in JEE main to secure an admission here and 98-99 percentile in MHCET exam to secure an admission here for a good stream.

IS 80 is good score in MHT CET?

With an MHT CET percentile between 89-80, you can expect a rank between 19,001 to 30,000.

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