Question: What do you do when hydrangeas dont bloom?

If you have a hydrangea that wont flower, you may have pruned it back too far the year before. Often, hydrangeas that arent producing flowers have been pruned in early summer and late winter.

How do you induce hydrangeas to flower?

0:112:23How to Induce the Flowering of Hydrangeas : Green Savvy - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipThe next thing you want to do is make certain that your hydrangea gets enough water. But not tooMoreThe next thing you want to do is make certain that your hydrangea gets enough water. But not too much water so this means you want to water your hydrangea. About once or twice a week.

Will a forced hydrangea bloom again?

If you were given a potted hydrangea as a gift, it was likely already in bloom when you received it. Many people discard their hydrangeas after the flowers initially fade, but with the proper care, the plant will bloom again. Cut back the hydrangeas shoots when the plant has stopped flowering.

How do you fix hydrangeas that dont bloom?

If a hydrangea isnt blooming at all, it may be because its soil is too rich in nitrogen. You can reduce the amount of nitrogen in your soil by mulching with sawdust or wood chips or planting nitrogen-loving plants like cabbage, squash, or corn nearby.

How long do hydrangeas stay in bloom?

With large blooms in pink, blue and white, hydrangea bushes are a visually striking and popular garden plant. Individual hydrangea blooms can last for weeks at a time, but the plant flowers throughout the entire spring-summer season.

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