Question: What is Oita known for?

Oita Prefecture is one of the most visited on the island of Kyushu in Japan and is primarily famous because of its amazing onsens. These are traditional Japanese hot springs and this means that Oita is the perfect spot if you fancy a dip and want to relax in some of the most well known baths in the country.

What food is Oita famous for?

The Local Food of OitaToriten (Oita-wide) Dumpling Soup (Oita-wide) Soft Serve Ice Cream (Oita-wide) Jigokumushi (Beppu City) Seki-Aji and Seki Saba (Saganoseki, Oita City) Fugu Cuisine (Oita City, Usuki City) Himeshima Kuruma Ebi (Himeshima Village) Karage (Nakatsu City, Usa City)

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