Question: Is green water good for fish fry?

Yes, green water is generally good for fish fries since the water contains a lot of zooplankton. Remove the fish, put old water in a clear container and expose it to the sun. It will take a while for algae to bloom. You can also get live leaves, wash and blend them, and expose to the light.

What is green water for fish fry?

Green water is a generic term for water with suspended algae or euglena . I add a small amount of green water to tanks with fry with very small mouths like some of the smaller Epiplatys, Procatopus, and Nothbranchius species for the first few days. It wont hurt, and seems to help the survival rate.

Is green algae harmful in fish tank?

Is Algae Bad for a Fish Tank? Contrary to popular belief, algae are not evil. Like plants, they use photosynthesis to convert light and organic nutrients in the water (such as fish waste) into new algae growth. The reality is that there is no such thing as a perfect planted aquarium that is 100% free of algae.

How do I get rid of green water in my fish pond?

The quickest and easiest way to combat green water is to fit a pump, pond filter and Ultra Violet Clarifier. Pond water is pumped through the UVC where ultraviolet light damages and disrupts algae that pass through it. The algae cells are then caught in the mechanical section of the filter, and water quickly clears.

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