Question: What best defines pulse repetition frequency?

2.3. 3.2 Pulse Repetition Frequency. PRF is normally expressed as the number of pulses transmitted in 1 s and is therefore denoted in Hertz or pps (pulses per second). Typical values for a marine radar are 1000–3000 pps. The pulse repetition interval (PRI) is the time interval between pulses.

What is a pulse repetition interval?

The pulse repetition interval (PRI) is the time interval between pulses. If the next pulse was transmitted before this interval the radar receiver would not be able to decide whether a return was from a long range target illuminated by the preceding pulse or a short range target from the subsequent pulse.

What is meant by pulse repetition frequency and pulse repetition period?

Pulse repetition frequency (PRF) indicates the number of ultrasound pulses emitted by the transducer over a designated period of time. It is typically measured as cycles per second or hertz (Hz). In medical ultrasound the typically used range of PRF varies between 1 and 10 kHz 1.

What should be the scan frequency in pulse radar?

Pulse-Doppler typically uses medium pulse repetition frequency (PRF) from about 3 kHz to 30 kHz. The range between transmit pulses is 5 km to 50 km. Doppler signals are generally above 1 kHz, which is audible, so audio signals from medium-PRF systems can be used for passive target classification.

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