Question: Why did Gandalf choose Bilbo?

So in summary: Gandalf wants to pick a hobbit to go with the Dwarves, he meets Bilbo and realises that Bilbo has some Tookishness about him. Gandalf picks Bilbo because he thinks that going on an adventure will release the Took side of Bilbo and be good for him in the end.

Why did Gandalf select Bilbo?

Bilbo was not an ordinary hobbit. His mother was Belladona Took, and they say that Tooks look fairy as if they had elven blood in them. Gandalf felt that he was bolder than the other hobbits and he decided to have Bilbo join Thorin and his company.

Why did Gandalf join the Dwarves?

Gandalfs primary motive is that he doesnt want Smaug to ally with Sauron. At that moment, it is Middle Earths most powerful creature, and its friendship with Sauron would prove costly for the Middle Earth. Hence, he prods the Dwarves into getting back their gold, thereby unfolding the events of the Hobbit.

Why is Bilbo needed?

In addition to whats also been said, Gandalf has a feeling that Bilbo is essential to the success of the quest and so he uses the burglar thing as a kind of way of convincing them to bring him along. They needed a burglar to reclaim some of their gold in general, rather than just the Arkenstone.

Are hobbits burglars?

So no, Bilbo is not a skilled burglar, and he does not think of himself as suited for burglary in any way. If he has any predisposition for burglary, its his nature as a hobbit. Hobbits are good at going about unnoticed. Theyre more inclined to sneaking away than to sneaking in, but theyre good at sneaking.

Has Gandalf killed a dragon?

I dont think there is any mention of Gandalf killing dragons in any of the books. I think that the only other dragon that we know of that was killed during the Third Age was Scatha, and he was killed by an early king of the proto-Rohirrim.

How does Gandalf sleep with his eyes open?

In the book it says to the effect that when Pippin crept up to Gandalf, intending to take the palantir, he caught a glint of white under the Gandalfs eyelids. So, unlike in the film, Gandalfs eyes really werent wide open, but closed into slits.

Why does Gandalf wear an Elven Ring?

Narya. Círdan kept Narya after Gil-galads death. At some point during the Third Age, Círdan passed the Ring to the Wizard Gandalf to aid him in his labours, having recognised his true nature as one of the Maiar from Valinor.

Does Gandalf drink alcohol?

Gandalfs preferred drink was red wine.

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