Question: How long do cucumber plants keep producing?

If the vines are kept well-picked, production will cease after the last cucumber has been harvested, and the plant will wither and die. Bush cucumber plants grow more compactly, dont send out long vines and produce their fruit all at once, usually within 40 to 50 days.

How long does cucumber produce?

A cucumber plant produces fruit in the summer, 35 to 60 days after transplanting into the garden. When growing cucumbers from seed, it will take the plants about 10 days longer (45 to 70 days) to produce fruit. Cucumbers are annuals and only live for one year, meaning that they die after producing fruit for the season.

Do cucumber plants produce all summer?

Pick early and often to keep plants producing at their maximum levels all summer long. The more you pick, the more chance you have more blooms and more great cucumbers! Here is to getting the most out of growing your cucumber plants this year – and to a record harvest!

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