Question: What does latent power do MHGU?

Temporarily increases affinity and reduces stamina depletion when certain conditions are met. (Triggers after taking 180 damage or 300 seconds.

Is latent power good MHGU?

Latent Power: This is a very good skill, when its up, but can be difficult to activate. The skill increases Affinity while lowering stamina use for 90 seconds — with a 50 percent increase and decrease respectively at Level 5. You can also get the Latent Power Secret skill from Zinogre or Stygian Zinogre gear.

What does latent power do in Monster Hunter?

Temporarily increases affinity and reduced stamina depletion when certain conditions are met. Latent Power is a Skill in Monster Hunter World (MHW).

How do you use latent power MHR?

In order for Latent Power to activate you must be in active combat with a large monster. Apparently, having your weapons drawn count as active combat with a monster. This could be useful in taking advantage of this buff skill.

Is latent power good for bow MHW?

Latent power with Safi armor seems pretty good for bows since you get both affinity and stamina regen which frees up stamina regen skills. (Latent Power lvl 7 adds 60% Affinity and reduces stamina depletion by 50%.)

How good is maximum might?

Maximum Might Changes in Monster Hunter: World – Iceborne Its currently a three-level skill that increases Affinity by up to 30 percent, but only when you have full stamina. That makes it incredibly good on some weapons (e.g. Bowguns) and next to useless on others (e.g. Dual Blades).

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