Question: Why did Portia stab her leg?

Tough Girl Portia It can be very frustrating to be left in the dark, as the character Portia understands all too well in William Shakespeares Julius Caesar. In this play, the character Portia stabs herself in the thigh to show her husband, Brutus, that she could be trusted.

Why did Portia stab her thigh?

She even stabs herself in the thigh to illustrate the strength of her commitment to him, a drastic act revealing Portias understanding that she must go to an extreme to get her own husband to listen to her. Despite all of her efforts, Brutus simply dismisses Portia when he hears someone at the door.

Was Portia pregnant in Julius Caesar?

Since the two were married in 45 BC, it would make historical and biological sense that she be pregnant at this point. The pregnancy could help explain both her desperate distractedness in Act Two, Scene Four, as well as Brutus motivation for finally joining the conspiracy.

Why did Portia kill herself?

According to Brutus, Portia committed suicide because she missed her husband and was worried about Mark Antonys and Octavius increasing power and authority. His reaction can be seen as some form of coping mechanism expected of a man of Brutus character.

When scene does Portia stab herself in Julius Caesar?

Unable to handle Brutuss absence and all that is happening in Rome, Portia commits suicide. During their dispute in Act 4, scene 3, Brutus informs Cassius that Portia is dead.

Why does Portia say Brutus should talk to her?

Portia appears to know Brutus well enough to know when he is deeply troubled, and her insistence that he talk with her about his problems reflects a closeness in their relationship and the deep concern Portia holds for her husband.

What kind of woman is Portia?

Portia is beautiful, gracious, rich, intelligent, and quick-witted, with luxury lifestyle and high standards for her potential romantic partners. She is bound by the lottery set forth in her fathers will, which gives potential suitors the chance to choose between three caskets composed of gold, silver and lead.

What did Portia say to Brutus?

What do you think Portia means when she says Brutus sickness is within his mind? Do you think she knows what is wrong with him? I beg you, by my once-praised beauty, by all your vows of love and by the legal vow of marriage, that made the two of us one person, tell me why you are troubled.

Did Bassanio really love Portia?

Bassanio was not in love with portias money. They were really in love with each other. Bassanio had seen portia earlier also so when he asked for money from his friend he does not wanted to show of his richness but he wanted that may be portia may also like him. He won the quest by all the love he had for portia.

How must Portia choose her husband?

Portia wishes her deceased father had left her free to choose her own husband. Instead, in his will, her father stipulated that Portias husband be chosen by a lottery. The man who wins her hand in marriage must choose correctly between three caskets: one gold, one silver, and one lead.

What scene does Brutus talk to Portia?

Act II, Scene 4 Act II, Scene 4 begins with Portia speaking to Brutus servant, Lucius. She asks Lucius to go to the Capitol to see how Brutus looks and what Caesar is doing. Portia suspects that Brutus has a plan for the day, but she does not know what it is.

Why did Bassanio marry Portia?

Answer: Portia is rich and hot, which makes her the most eligible bachelorette in Belmont. The heiress to her dead fathers fortune, Portias wealth makes her a meal ticket in the eyes of Bassanio, who sees Portia as the answer to all his financial woes—if he can marry her that is.

Does Lorenzo really love Jessica?

He clearly reveals his love and admiration for Jessica. Jessica speaks to Lorenzo about how love looks past embarrassments or faults. While Jessica feels ashamed of the disguise she wears in order to escape, she recognizes that if Lorenzo truly loves her, he will not care about her looks.

What is the real reason of Portia sadness?

Answer: The real reason of Portias sadness is that she wants to marry the person of her choice but she cannot. She cannot disobey the will of her late father who has designed the lottery of caskets for her marriage.

Why did Portia hate her fathers well?

Portia is upset that she cannot choose the man she will marry. Portias deceased father created a lottery, where potential suitors were given the opportunity to choose from one of three caskets with the hope of winning Portias hand in marriage.

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