Question: What are good cards for Arena 12?

You can use Spear Goblins, Bats, Goblin Gang and Inferno Dragon cards for air defense. There isnt any defensive building card you can use. Zap is damage spell card. You must remember that the Skeleton Barrel, Miner and Mega Knight are your win conditions.

How do you build a arena 12 deck?

0:106:38BEST DECK for Arena 12 in Clash Royale! (June 2021) - YouTubeYouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipAnd goblin barrel you can always just defend. And then make sure you can rock it down their tower.MoreAnd goblin barrel you can always just defend. And then make sure you can rock it down their tower. Obviously it makes for a lot of close matches.

Whats the best cards to use in clash Royale?

Top 10 Best and Worst card in Ladder1 Best cards.2 10. Baby Dragon.3 9. Miner.4 8. Knight.5 7. Mega Knight.6 6. Bandit.7 5. Hog Rider.8 4. Executioner.

What is the best card in clash?

Clash Royale Top 10 Card ReviewSkelton Army. This card is an essential to any players deck. Zap. The zap could easily be argued as the best card in the entire game. Goblin Barrel. The goblin barrel is the quickest counter attack card in the game. Hog Rider. Canon Cart. Baby Dragon. Valkyrie. Bandit.

Whats the worst legendary in Clash Royale?

the Magic Archer Number 15: pretty obviously, the Magic Archer is the worst legendary, and not just that, but one of the worst cards in the game! With its very low attack and HP, and the only thing it can brag being its longer arrows, it deserves a rank demotion.

How do you stop an electro giant?

Barbarian Hut is an effective counter to the Electro Giant when placed in the middle. It will distract the Electro Giant and pull it in range of both Princess Towers, while the Barbarians deal high damage to the Electro Giant for a positive Elixir trade.

How do you destroy an electro giant?

12:3215:40How to Counter & Use Electro Giant | Tech & Strategies - YouTubeYouTube

Which card in clash Royale does the most damage?

Against Towers, P.E.K.K.A can be a monster, which will cause your opponent to quickly panic and react. The Golem is one of the most expensive elixir costing cards in the game, but its also one of the strongest. The Golem can attack units and deal heavy damage to buildings and Towers.

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