Question: What is a gait?

What is a persons gait?

Gait is a persons pattern of walking. Walking involves balance and coordination of muscles so that the body is propelled forward in a rhythm, called the stride. There are numerous possibilities that may cause an abnormal gait. Some common causes are: A degenerative disease (such as arthritis)

What is a gait problem?

Gait disturbances are described as any deviations from normal walking or gait. These disturbances stem from numerous etiologies. Due to their different clinical presentations, a high index of suspicion is required. The etiology can be determined through lab work, clinical presentation, and diagnostic testing.

What causes a gait?

The causes of gait disorders include neurological conditions (e.g. sensory or motor impairments), orthopedic problems (e.g. osteoarthritis and skeletal deformities) and medical conditions (e.g. heart failure, respiratory insufficiency, peripheral arterial occlusive disease and obesity).

What is normal walking gait?

Normal gait is a normal walking pattern. Normal gait requires strength, balance, sensation and coordination. Heel strike to heel strike or one stride length is known as a gait cycle. The gait cycles consists of a stance phase and a swing phase.

What causes a Myopathic gait?

Waddling gait, also known as myopathic gait, is a way of walking. Its caused by muscle weakness in the pelvic girdle, which is a bowl-shaped network of muscles and bones that connects your torso to your hips and legs. Its also responsible for helping you balance.

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