Question: What is high anterior resection?

What is a high anterior resection? This operation aims to remove a segment of your bowel known as the sigmoid colon with or without the upper rectum including the blood supply and associated lymph glands.

Why is it called anterior resection?

Other terms used include low anterior resection (LAR), which classically refers to removal of the sigmoid colon and upper rectum and derives its name from the fact that the dissection is below the anterior reflection of the peritoneal lining.

What is a laparoscopic high anterior resection?

What is a high anterior resection? This operation involves removing the sigmoid colon, which lies on the left side of your abdominal cavity (tummy), and the upper part of the rectum (the “storage” organ of the bowel). We would then normally join the remaining left colon to the remaining rectum.

What is a laparoscopic low anterior resection?

Laparoscopic low anterior resection (Lap LAR) is an ideal, minimally invasive surgical procedure for mid- and distal rectal cancer. Compared with open surgery, the laparoscopic approach has similar surgical safety, resection completeness, resection margins, and improved in-hospital recovery.

When do you use low anterior resection?

Low anterior resections are most commonly used in treating stage 2 and 3 rectal tumors, but they may sometimes also be used to treat stage 1 tumors. LAR can be used to treat upper, mid, and low rectal tumors – the surgeon will decide what type of procedure is best based on each patient and tumors unique factors.

How long does it take to recover from lower anterior resection?

When you get home Many people feel tired and weak after major surgery of this type, and full recovery may take up to 2 months.

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