Question: What are NCT members fans called?

nct dream members fandom names mark - (still no official fandom name) renjun - renchin jeno - enjenie haechan - sunflowers jaemin - nanadoongies chenle - little suns / lesa jisung - asteroids.

What are NCT individual fandom names?

nct members individual fan namesjisung; lemons.jaemin; jaems.haechan; sunflowers.jeno; royals.renjun; injeolmies.mark; markers.lucas; xuxies.jaehyun; peaches. •Oct 31, 2018

Why are NCT fans called NCTzens?

NCT as you all know stands for Neo Culture Technology. They are all our saviours, each member unique and beautiful. All NCT fans are no longer called NCT Stans. NCTzens were also given a nickname by all the members of NCT.

What are Haechan fans called?

Sunflower He gave his personal NCT fans (NCTzens) the name Sunflower.

What is Chanyeol nickname?

Chanyeol facts: – His nicknames are: Wealthy Teeth, Happy Virus, King of Derps. – He calls himself Reversal Voice because his baby face is contrasted by his deep, manly voice.

What is NCT dream fandom name?

NCTzen On this day, the members revealed that NCTs official fan club name, which was chosen through fan votes, is “NCTzen (NCTizen).” NCT thanked their fans for all the votes they received in the selection process. The members also decided on a nickname for their fans.

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