Question: How do you catch Emperor Rago in Elnea Kingdom?

How do you get emperor fish in Elnea Kingdom?

The easiest method of obtaining an Emperor Fish is by fishing with the Big Z fishing bait. Fishing in the Phomos Forest will increase your odds of getting a large fish, though it is not necessary. You can also use other baits, but your chances will be much lower.

How do you catch a Buzzarn?

The easiest method of obtaining Buzzarn is by fishing for it. The best baits to use are Miracle X and River King Getz, though you can use other ones as well. It is recommended to visit one of the super fishing spots to increase your chances of finding large fish.

How do you give gifts in Elnea Kingdom?

Gifting Friends To gift a friend, select a gift-able item from your bag (food, ingredients, gifts) and talk to the friend youd like to gift. One of the three options will appear, depending on what youre giving, and selecting them will enable you to give them the item.

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