Question: Do apex predators exist?

They exist at the top of the food chain, the ultimate predators. Apex predators have few, if any predators themselves, and typically none once they are fully-grown.

Are there any apex predators?

Eagles and falcons, which are apex predators, are used in falconry, hunting birds or mammals. Tethered cormorants, also top predators, have been used to catch fish.

Why do apex predators exist?

Apex predators are important because they operate as a negative feedback on the prey populations, providing ecological stability. Essentially, apex predators promote stability in ecosystems by keeping their prey populations balanced correctly.

What are apex predators eaten by?

On land, apex predators include the big cats, the larger canines including wolves, members of the ursine family such as grizzlies, large raptors such as eagles, and predatory reptiles such as pythons and anacondas.

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