Question: How do I identify a dracaena?

The leaves of the Massangeana variety boast a wide, yellow stripe down the center, while Lindenii features creamy-white edges on its bright-green foliage. A northern exposure works well for a corn plant. If its growing in a room facing another direction, the plant needs to be at least 8 feet from the window.

What does a Dracena plant look like?

Dracaena plants, with their strap-like leaves and tree-like appearance, add variety to your houseplant collection. Dracaena fragrans, called “corn plant,” has thick brown stems and green leaves (often with a yellow stripe down the middle) that look like those of a corn plant.

How often does a Dracaena bloom?

When do dracaena plants bloom? Dracaena flowering is unpredictable, especially for plants grown indoors. Mature Dracaenas may bloom unexpectedly after 5 to 10 years of not flowering. The most common bloom times are late fall to early winter and late spring to early summer.

What color is dracaena?

Dracaenagenus nameDracaenaflower colorWhitefoliage colorBlue/Green Purple/Burgundy Chartreuse/Gold Gray/Silverspecial featuresLow Maintenance Good for Containerszones10 115 more rows

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