Question: Does Tulisa have Bells palsy?

Tulisa has revealed she has Bells palsy, a type of paralysis that temporarily affects the ability to control the facial muscles. Speaking to ITVs Loose Women, the singer and former X Factor judge said she sustained nerve damage after a horse riding accident.

What celebrity has Bells palsy?

Celebrities that have been diagnosed with Bells palsy, the most common form of facial paralysis, include:Angelina Jolie. The actress was diagnosed with Bells palsy in 2016 and opened up about her battle with facial paralysis. George Clooney. Pierce Brosnan. Sylvester Stallone. Katie Holmes.

What are the first signs of recovery from Bells palsy?

The majority of people showing obvious signs of recovery within the first three weeks following their initial symptoms will quickly progress through the stages below:Flaccid stage: muscles are weak and floppy.Paretic stage: muscles start to regain their shape and tension and small spontaneous movements become visible.

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