Question: How do you say someone is excellent?

What do you call someone who is excellent?

adept. noun. someone who is very skilled at doing something or who knows a lot about something.

How do you say someone is exceptional?

Exceptional synonymsremarkable. Worthy of remark or notice. uncommon. Strange; remarkable; extraordinary. unprodigious (antonym) excellent, wonderful. rare. Excellent; extraordinary: extraordinary. Employed or used for a special service, function, or occasion: special. prodigious. outstanding.

How do you say something is excellent?

10 expressions to Use In Speaking And Writing:Its great.Its fantastic.Its excellent.Its better than average.Its not bad.Id recommend it.Im very impressed.Its better than I expected.

How do you describe something really good?

Excellent. “Excellent” is used to describe something very good or of high quality.

What are three synonyms exceptional?

synonyms for exceptionalnotable.noteworthy.phenomenal.rare.remarkable.singular.unheard-of.unusual.

How do you describe an exceptional person?

Exceptional people live with a sense of inner elegance and are graceful even amidst a challenge. They are able to handle themselves in a noble and ethical manner. They hold good posture, their energy has a mystery, softness, strength and cleverness to it. They are vulnerable yet self-assured.

What is another word for most excellent?

synonyms for most excellentadmirable.exceptional.exemplary.good.great.skillful.sterling.superlative.

Is amazing better than excellent?

As adjectives the difference between excellent and amazing is that excellent is of the highest quality; splendid while amazing is causing wonder and amazement; possessing uniquely wonderful qualities.

What is the synonym exceptional?

outstanding, extraordinary, remarkable, unusually good, special, especial, excellent, phenomenal, prodigious. unequalled, unparalleled, unrivalled, unsurpassed, unsurpassable, unexcelled, peerless, matchless, second to none, in a league of their own, first-rate, first-class, of the first order, of the first water.

What is exceptional individual?

adj. 1 forming an exception; not ordinary. 2 having much more than average intelligence, ability, or skill.

What can I say instead of excellent?

synonyms for excellentadmirable.exceptional.exemplary.good.great.skillful.sterling.superlative.

Is it correct to say the most excellent?

In itself, excellent is a term that is at the top of the ladder of quality. More is always a comparative modifier - so more excellent is not possible. Most seems to be a superlative, and it often is, but it can also be an intensifier. So a most excellent means really definitely, profoundly and assuredly excellent ...

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