Question: What happened on 12th August in Indian history?

CHANDIGARH: August 12, 1948, the day holds a very special place in Indian sports. It was the day when India won its first Olympic medal – a gold in mens hockey – after independence. Though India was a participating nation in Olympics from 1920, it was her first tryst with Olympics as a free nation.

What happened on August 12th in history?

1944: During World War II, Joseph P. Kennedy Jr., eldest son of Joseph and Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy, is killed with his co-pilot when their explosives-laden Navy plane blows up over England. 1953: The Soviet Union conducts a secret test of its first hydrogen bomb.

What day is August 12th on 2021?

August 12, 2021 was 32nd Thursday of 2021.

What are the special days in November 2020?

Important Days and Dates in November 2020: National and International1 November – World Vegan Day. 1 November - All Saints Day. 2 November - All Souls Day. 5 November - World Tsunami Awareness Day. 5 November - Bhupen Hazarika Death. 5 November - Virat Kohli Birthday. 7 November - Infant Protection Day. •25 Nov 2020

What special day is today in India 2020?

Here is a list of holidays in India for 2020 to enable you plan your schedule.Date and DayHoliday DescriptionJan 15, 2020 (Wednesday)Makar Sankranti / PongalJan 26, 2020 (Sunday)Republic DayFeb 19, 2020 (Wednesday)Shivaji JayantiFeb 21, 2020 (Friday)Maha Shivaratri26 more rows•28 Dec 2019

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