Question: How much is the Toyota GR Yaris?

How much is the 2020 Yaris Gr?

The 257bhp, four-wheel-drive, rally-inspired Toyota GR Yaris is now on sale in the UK. Toyota has confirmed that the new GR Yaris will be priced from £29,995 for the base-model, or £33,495 for the uprated Circuit Pack variant.

How much is a Toyota Yaris GR in South Africa?

The turbocharged, all-wheel drive car has arrived in SA in a choice of two models: the GR Yaris priced at R606,600 and the more hardcore GR Yaris Rally (R715,600).

Will GR Yaris come to South Africa?

Toyotas new GR Yaris is now on sale in South Africa.

Where is the Toyota Yaris GR built?

Japan Made by Motomachi When you need to assemble a truly bespoke sports car like the GR Yaris, theres only one place you want your creation to come alive: Motomachi, Japan. The birthplace of legends such as the Supra A80, Motomachi is now home to the first GR production line, ready to hand-build a hot hatch like no other.

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