Question: What makes a glamping experience great?

Glamping thus offers outdoor enthusiasts an upgraded experience of rest and recreation by providing high levels of service and a selection of amenities. This is a way to experience the splendours of the outdoors and commune with nature without sacrificing comfort.

What makes a good glamping experience?

Camping equipment (e.g., weather-resistant tents and solar-heated showers) and entertainment and communication devices (e.g., tablet computers, LCD televisions, and WIFI) applying diverse cutting-edge technologies play an important role in determining the quality of glamping travel experiences (Brochado & Brochado, ...

Why You Should Go glamping?

Not only does glamping immerse you in nature, it also helps you protect it. Once you go glamping, youll have a heightened appreciation for nature and protecting it — while doing so. Glamping itself is a low impact green activity.

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