Question: Does Kokichi like Miwa?

Kokichi felt especially close to Kasumi Miwa, who confessed to sharing romantic feelings with. In order to achieve his dream, Kokichi was willing to engage in a Binding Vow with the enemy in order to gain a healthy body.

Does Muta like Miwa?

Muta comforts her, and tells her more on the situation in Shibuya, telling her that shes not the only one. While doing so, Muta confesses his romantic feelings to Miwa, adding that his only wish is for her to be happy, no matter how she does it.

Does Miwa like Gojo?

Miwa is very excited to see Gojo again. He says that he came back from a business trip and brought everyone souvenirs, those are some amulets from a certain tribe, according to Gojo. Miwa appears to be very happy when she receives her present directly from Gojos hands.

Who killed Kokichi Muta?

Mahito Kokichi dies at the hands of Mahito.

Who is Miwa pregnant for?

Your kayanmata queen Miwa is pregnant for Kolaqalagbo. He is married and has a baby mama whom their elaborate wedding plans is underway.

Is Kokichi dead JJK?

Kokichi dies at the hands of Mahito.

Does Kokichi Muta heal?

Following his healing at the hands of Mahitos Idle Transfiguration, Kokichi obtained a healthy body. Only a single scar on his cheek remained and he was able to stand up on his own.

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