Question: Is Bang Bang Con free?

Like April 2020s Bang Bang Con, the upcoming Bang Bang Con will be live-streamed for free on their official BANGTANTV YouTube channel.

Does Bang Bang con cost money?

Just like the first Bang Bang Con streaming event, which aired last April, Bang Bang Con 21 will offer fans free access to videos of the groups past concerts and fanmeets.

Do you need a ticket for Bang Bang con?

BANG.BANG.CON is a free youtube concert. To watch, please visit the BANGTANTV channel on YouTube. You dont need a ticket.

How can I watch Bang Bang con?

How To Watch Bang Bang Con 2021?Fans can watch the Bang Bang Con 2021 on BANGTONTV, the Official YoutTube Channel of BTS.Fans can check the timing of their Country and Login to YouTube.Then they can subscribe to the BANGTONTV Channel on YouTube. •Jul 21, 2021

Is there any BTS concert in 2021?

BTS will host a two-day online live-streaming event called BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo this weekend. The BTS event will feature RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, and Jungkook performing to their hit track while interacting with their fans digitally. Through their eight-year journey, BTS has hosted five Musters to date.

Whos the richest in BTS?

member J-Hope If reports are to be believed, BTS member J-Hope is the richest among all with a net worth of around $26 million. He is followed by Suga with a net worth of around $25 million dollars.

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