Question: Can you fish with gummies?

Can you catch fish with gummy bears?

Sea Salt. These things are going to win the Classic someday... About the dissolving-these gummy baits of deliciousness catch fish so fast that youll be hooked on a fish before they even dissolve!

Does fishing with gummy worms work?

They worked! My daughter caught a small one using a Green and white gummy worm, and my husband caught a keeper using a Red and White Gummy Worm. We found that the gummy worms last a long time on a hook compared to minnows and other bait. And the best part is its cheap bait.

Can you catch a fish with candy?

Candy. Fish seem to have a weakness for sweets. Fishermen have reported success with nearly everything found in the candy aisle, from chocolate bars to gummy fish (the latter helped one fisherman land a non-gummy 4-foot sand shark).

Can you catch fish with dead shiners?

Can you fish with dead shiners? Yes. While many fish prefer live bait, you can still get a bite from fishing with dead shiners. All you have to do is to make sure that you rig them properly to make sure that they are looking alive.

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