Question: What are the four types of FGM?

How many types of FGM C are there?

The four types of FGM/C are: Type 1: Partial or total removal of the clitoris. This is also called clitoridectomy. Type 2: Partial or total removal of the clitoris and the labia (the inner and outer lips that surround the vagina)

How many types of FGM practices do we have?

Types/variation of FGM in Nigeria FGM practiced in Nigeria is classified into four types[8] as follows. Clitoridectomy or Type I (the least severe form of the practice): It involves the removal of the prepuce or the hood of the clitoris and all or part of the clitoris.

What is a Khatna in female?

FGM is practised by the Dawoodi Bohra, a sect of Shia Islam with one million members in India. Known as khatna, khafz, and khafd, the procedure is performed on six- or seven-year-old girls and involves the total or partial removal of the clitoral hood.

What is the law for FGM?

FGM is illegal in the UK. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, civil and criminal legislation on FGM is contained in the Female Genital Mutilation Act 2003 (“the 2003 Act”). In Scotland, FGM legislation is contained in the Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation (Scotland) Act 2005.

What is the penalty for FGM?

The maximum penalty for FGM is 14 years imprisonment.

What is the law on FGM?

FGM is a criminal offence. It is a form of violence against women and girls, and in the latter case it is child abuse. All CPS decisions - whether to charge or to advise no further action (NFA) - must be approved by a Director of Legal Services and all cases notified to the DLS Team upon receipt from the police.

What is mutilation of a dead body?

Mutilation or maiming (from the Latin: mutilus) is cutting off or causing injury to a body part of a person so that the part of the body is permanently damaged, detached or disfigured.

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